Leather Beaded Bracelets

Leather Beaded Bracelets

$30.00 3000

Assorted Maasai Beaded Leather Bracelets are hand crafted in Kenya by local artisans. Due to the unique nature of these handmade bracelets, colors and patterns will vary. Every bracelet is one of a kind, therefore we cannot list each one individually.

Bracelets are sorted by primary color category only. We cannot guarantee specific patterns but we will try to get as close as possible. You will have space to write a quick note about your design preference upon checkout and we will try our best to pull the bracelet that is closest to your description!

5% of our profits are donated back to Mara Elephant Project! Help make a difference by shopping consciously!


Below are the primary colors used in our Maasai beadwork along with the tribal meanings associated with each:

    •    green - nourishment, stability (symbolizes the land)
    •    blue - energy, fulfillment (symbolizes the sky)
    •    red - bravery, strength (symbolizes the community)
    •    black - unity, harmony (symbolizes the people)
    •    white - purity, health (symbolizes cows milk)
    •    yellow - fertility, growth (symbolizes the sun)
    •    orange - friendship, giving (symbolizes hospitality)


  • Handmade one-of-a-kind item
  • Crafted in Kenya by local artisans
  • Due to the unique nature of these handmade items, color and style will vary.
  • leather, Massai bead work, metal Sawa tag, beads