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In Africa, one elephant is killed every 15 minutes.
60% of those deaths are due to poaching.
As the largest mammal in the world, elephants have only one natural predator: man. 
Elephants are highly sensitive and express grief, compassion, self-awareness, a sense of humor and altruism.  
Elephants are being killed faster than they are being born.
In a single decade, half of Africa's elephant population was lost to the ivory trade.
Without help, elephants could become extinct in our lifetime.

Which is why we give.

We donate 5% of all our proceeds to help stop this ever-growing crisis.  Every product we sell is one small step toward a safer habitat for these beautiful creatures.  

The MEP Method to protecting elephants in the greater Mara ecosystem includes anti-poaching patrols and rapid response units, elephant collaring, monitoring and research and human-elephant conflict mitigation.

Learn more about The Mara Elephant Project here.